Dimitris Koufos

Lead Direct Finance

Dimitrios Koufos has more than twenty-five years of practical experience in areas such as Production Technology & Process Optimization, Production Μanagement Systems, Energy & Environmental Technology, Energy & Environmental Legislation/Reporting, Supply Chain Management, Technology Strategy, Investment Analysis, Corporate & Project Finance, in companies like Shell, Motor Oil Hellas, TITAN Cement, and currently in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) . Throughout his career he has held positions various positions such as:

  • Senior Engineer  
  • Senior Supply Chain Analyst 
  • Senior Process Engineer 
  • Business Intelligence Coordinator

Currently he is a the Head of the Direct Finance Unit/Associate Director within the Energy Efficiency & Climate Change team of the EBRD, where he has the responsibility for the following:

Transactions: Operational responsibility for the energy efficiency & climate change transactions for the EBRD related to corporate transactions throughout the entire life cycle: advisory origination, due diligence, term sheet negotiation, contract negotiation, presentations to internal management committees and Board approval.

Business Development & Strategy: Advisory Work to internal and external stakeholders on developments regarding new legislation international and national (Paris Agreement, EU-ETS Phase III/IV, Low Carbon Pathways/Scenarios, EU Green Deal, EU-Taxonomy, etc) , low carbon technologies and pathways (renewables, H2, biofuels, battery value chains, biogas/biomethane, gas a transition fuel) and green business drivers and enablers that promote the Green Economy Target of the Bank (TCFD, NGFS, Carbon Market Mechanisms, Natural Capital Solutions, etc)

Climate Finance: Development and implementation of climate finance programs by accessing funds such as the GCF, GEF, CTF, etc to support accelerated deployment of low carbon solutions;

Dimitris has practical field experience in variety of production processes and systems and has evaluated technologies and the respective business cases studies ranging from greenfield investments, to plant modernization and upgrades, energy management, environmental compliance issues, product compliance requirements around the world. His studies include an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management , an MSc in Process Control from the University of Connecticut (Scholarship from the University Research Centre) and a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the University of Patras. Also he is certified from the College of Petroleum and Energy Studies of Oxford University in the following:

  • Linear Programming in Refinery and Supply Planning
  • International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trading