Theodore Tsakiris

Associate Professor, Politics and Economics of the Oil & Gas Industry, University of Nicosia

Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris is an Associate Professor on the Politics and Economics of the Oil & Gas Industry at Business School of the University of Nicosia. Dr. Tsakiris who is seconded to the Department or Engineering and the Department of European & International Studies holds a B.Sc (2000) from Athens University, M.A. (2002) in International Security from Georgetown University and a PH.D (2008) in Strategic Studies and International Political Economy from Panteion University of Athens. His research interests are focused on the political, economic, and developmental aspects of energy and in particular hydrocarbons policy and industry. Dr. Tsakiris has served as a senior policy advisor to three consecutive Greek Ministers of Energy (2008-2011) and coordinated from 2016 to 2019 the Energy Experts Group preparing the Governing Programme of Nea Demokratia.

In Cyprus, Dr.Tsakiris also served (2014-2015) as a Member of the Board of Directors of Cyprus’ National Oil & Gas Company, CHC and a member of the Presidential Geostrategic Council of Cyprus. He has been awarded several grants and research funding from several institutions (Fulbright Foundation, Lilian Voudouris Foundation, Leventis Foundation, European Commission) as well as many Greek oil & gas companies in the context of ELIAMEP’s Energy research program he directed between 2010-2017. He has authored 2 book, 11 monographs, 12 book chapters and over 15 peer-reviewed articles. Since 2013 he has participated in over 30 international energy related conferences in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.