Menelaos Ioannidis

Chief Technology Officer
BP Lightsource

Menelaos has over 25 years’ web software development experience. In 1992, the early days of the internet revolution, he founded Allweb Solutions, developing complex web applications for data-driven companies. Following the success of this business, in 2008 he founded the company that would become Sense One Technologies, the creator of PVSense, a software platform for large scale solar monitoring which became the market leader in the UK solar market by 2013. Menelaos led Sense One Technologies’ acquisition by Inaccess in 2014, and joined Lightsource in early 2015 after the successful handover.

At LightsourceBP, Menelaos has pioneered the idea of distributed generation at the point of consumption. Currently, he is responsible for the business’ R&D arm, Lightsource Labs. His team is dedicated to producing smart energy systems such as TRIBE, aiming to revolutionize the generation and usage of green electricity at a domestic level.